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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Never seen in the US Godzilla film!

This was actually released in 1985 but was heavily edited so footage with Raymond Burr could be inserted as well as many scenes featuring Dr. pepper vending machines (don't ask).

The film ignores all of the films between the original 1954 film and presents Godzilla as he was in the first film which is a destroyer and menace, not a savior of mankind.

Godzilla reappears and seems to be headed for Tokyo. Once he arrives the military finds itself almost helpless until a scientist notices that a small flock of birds distracted the giant monster at one point.

He follows this up and comes up with a way to lure Godzilla into a volcano and then make it erupt.

The special effects for this film are excellent as expected from the Japanese and Toho Studio. In 1985 the film was shown here in the US but in the above mentioned "Americanized" format. As a giant monster fan I am very happy to see this film finally make it to digital media.

It has been one of the most requested titles amongst fans. The Blu-ray makes the movie look still brand new and the sound quality is perfect.

There isn't a Japanese monster movie fan that shouldn't want to add this to their collection. It has been a long wait, but well worth it.

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