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Sunday, October 30, 2016


This wonderful little Italian horror film is a staple for me around Halloween.

Released on Oct. 31st, 1962 here in the US, this film deals with an old castle inhabited by a very lovely and buxom female and her servant.

Also involved is a troupe of women who are staying at the estate of a friends father. They get mixed up with the couple in the castle, unaware that they are vampires.

The film is quite memorable for dancers who are built more like strippers, which is a plus and for the performance of Walter Brandi as "Herman" the supposed servant to the woman of the castle.

The final death scenes of the two vampires are not soon forgotten and they rival anything Hammer did a few years earlier in "Horror Of Dracula". The beautiful black and white photography enhances the movie quite a bit.

All of the women in this film are beautiful and the vampire played by Brandi is both vicious and sadistic. I cannot understand why this film has never been released to digital media in the US, but I do keep my fingers crossed that someday it will.

I highly recommend this for the Halloween season. It's damn near perfect.

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