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Saturday, October 22, 2016


I liked this film a hell of a lot.

This Italian made Euro horror film stars the gorgeous Erna Schurer as a young woman named Elizabeth who travels to a castle for the reading of a will left by her wealthy uncle.

He leaves the entire estate to Elizabeth. After the will reading she begins to hear many stories and legends surrounding the castle, and soon after that some people start dying.

Elizabeth then starts to have weird hallucinations which seem a little too real. One of them has her taken to a torture chamber and whipped and burned.

The killer is finally unmasked at the end and all seems to go back to normal. This is a fun film and perfect for the Halloween season. The print from Sinister comes from a European Blu-Ray and the picture quality is stunning. it may be the best print I have ever seen from Sinister.

The only drawback is it's in Italian with no subtitles, but that really wasn't too much of a distraction for me. Erna is a simply beautiful woman and one of my favorite Euro actresses. I will watch anything with her in it.

Highly recommended and one of the best releases of the year.

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