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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Three more films that I consider to be appropriate Halloween viewing.

Macabre Tales is an ultra low budget anthology film with 5 tales of horror. The tales involve body snatching, supernatural powers, evil technology and more.

This $5000 dollar wonder was filmed in Livingston, Montana and really isn't too bad, but the second tale which is about a bank robbery gone wrong is woefully acted and actually brings the entire production down, but as a low budget film I can recommend it.

Dracula's Daughter is the Universal sequel to Dracula and this finds the title character played by Gloria Holden, and it picks up right where the last film left off.

Otto Kruger is Dr. Garth, a man who is called in to help his friend Prof. Van Halsing, who has been arrested for murder. A mysterious woman shows up and asks Garth for help with her strange behavior. Her name is Countess Marya Zeleska and in reality she if Dracula's Daughter and wants Garth for her own.

This is a very well made and atmospheric film that again fully captures the Universal style of horror film making back in the 30's. Perfect Halloween viewing.

Dark Night Of The Scarecrow is a 1981 TV movie that has had a huge cult following for years. Back in the day when TV was worth watching they made movies like this, and they were scary as hell.

A slow witted man is accused of killing a young girl by a group of rednecks lead by one Otis Hazelrigg played to perfection by Charles Durning. They hunt the man, Bubba Ritter down and kill him and right after they do, they find that the little girl is actually alive and that Bubba was trying to save her from a vicious dog attack.

In a small town "trial" the men are found innocent and Bubba's mother says there is another kind of vengeance, which proves very, very true.

The four men are stalked and terrorized by a mysterious scarecrow, much like what Bubba hid in when he was being hunted. One of the men is killed in an empty grain silo that suddenly fills up and a second is also killed by mysterious circumstances.

This drives Hazelrigg to near insanity and he ends up killing Bubba's mother and another man as well. The tension and horror builds slowly until the unforgettable climax.

Essential Halloween viewing from VCI.

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