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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


My oh my!!

This film is one hell of a ride!! A mild mannered gardener named Caleb works for various couples around a small California community. The community has been rocked by several gruesome murders of housewives.

Caleb has an alter ego named Lester who is totally insane and thinks he is Gods gift to women. Lester is the one who is killing these women and he does so after seducing them. this trick works with all but one woman who sees thru his insanity, but she is also killed by having a garden hose shoved down her throat and then turned on full blast.

Caleb and Lester are always fighting to see who will be superior and when a young woman is kind to Caleb, Lester takes over and kills her. Her death is very disturbing because we really begin to like the character and what Lester does is very disturbing.

I hadn't seen this film in years and it still works very well. Don Jones directed this little gem which actually predates the slasher films of later years.

Acting kudos go to Erik Stern as Caleb/Lester. As Lester he is unforgettable. Stern died here in Boise on Nov. 6th 2012. How I would have liked to have an interview with him about this film.

Good Halloween shocks.

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