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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Interesting little B movie.

A few years ago I reviewed this on DVD and now Shout Factory has given it a new life on Blu-ray.

Jeffrey Combs stars as a 1950's comic book artist, Colin Childress, whose creation comes to life and kills him. We switch to 1987 and find a new comic artist who arrives at an artists retreat and it just happens to be at the home of the late Childress.

The new artist, Whitney Taylor (Debrah Mullowney) is obsessed with Childress and wants to follow in his footsteps. Yvonne DeCarlo is Mrs. Briggs who runs the place. She and Taylor don't like each other, Taylor soons finds that the comic book creation is still alive and seeking new victims to eat.

The monster in the film is a pretty cool creation and still works well today. The comic book idea is a good one and it gets even better when the drawing start to appear without anyone having to draw them. The ending is also a kicker.

This is a fun 80's chiller and also stars Vince Edwards as a writer stuck in the 1940's and Pamela Bellwood. The HD transfer is very good and it makes this film look better than I have ever seen it before.

I would recommend this film to 80's horror fans and I think it should have had a better release.

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