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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Fantastic and twisted little cult gem comes to Blu-ray....finally.

Sammy Snyders is Jaime a very disturbing young boy with no friends, well except for Teddy his Teddybear. His parents are going out of town to look at a new house so they can move and they hire an attractive young woman to watch over Jamie while they are gone.

From the get go Jamie has strong sexual desires for her. Her name is Sandy and Jamie tells her that he has a secret out in the woods, but she pretty much waves it off as childhood fantasies.

Over time Jamie starts stealing money to get meat to feed some bizarre creatures in a pit in the forest. He calls them "Trollologs". When he runs out of money he gets an idea from Teddy to get rids of the people that have tormented him by feeding them to the creatures, and he proceeds to do just that.

I won't go any further so as to not ruin your enjoyment of the film if you've never seen it. Snyders does an excellent job as the very twisted and sexually perverted little boy.

This was director Lew Lehmans' only feature film and he handles it expertly. There are a lot of disturbing things in this film which was made in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and it makes for excellent viewing during the Halloween season.

The Blu-ray from Kino is long overdue, but I have never seen this film look better. There are some extras which include interviews with Sammy Snyders and Jeannie Elias who plays Sandy the babysitter. Highly Recommended!!

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