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Monday, October 10, 2016


One of my favorite Italian shockers.

I used to see this all the time on Nightmare Theater on KCPX in Salt Lake City, but it was heavily edited, of course. Now thanks to DVD that problem has been rectified.

Anthony Steffen is a wealthy man who has spent time in an asylum after a breakdown caused by the death of his red headed wife whom he feared was cheating on him.

For the first part of the film he scours bars and such to find young women with red hair to bring back to his secluded estate. His first victim is a gorgeous woman whom he tortures and kills when he imagines his dead wife is watching him.

This sets the stage for some pretty weird goings on and then one of his friends introduces him to super sexy Susie, played by the one and only Erica Blanc. Her stripping scene while coming out of a coffin in her stage act is not soon forgotten! He takes her back to his place and kills her as well.

As the movie progresses there are a lot of twists and turns as Steffen's character seems to be slipping back into insanity. His friend Richard Timberlane (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) tries to help him.

Steffen marries a lovely woman and this sets up the bizarre ending in which we discover that his new wife and his close friend are trying to drive him insane and get his inheritance.

It all sounds very confusing and sometimes it is, but the twist upon the twist at the end is rewarding and well worth the wait.

It's all very gothic and well filmed, and does make for a great Halloween show. Hell, Erica Blanc makes it all worthwhile anyway.

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