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Friday, October 21, 2016


Bizarre film starring Alice Cooper.

Cooper plays a rock star named Vince Raven. He, his girlfriend and others return to his hometown to shoot a rock video only to meet up with terror.

What kind of terror you ask? It seems that several local residents have been found torn to shreds and the local sheriff blames a pack of wild dogs.

The dogs are being controlled by a "Monster Dog" that I prefer to call a werewolf, and soon the dogs are stalking Vince and his crew, killing them one by one.

it also seems that Raven has some dark family secrets and it all culminates in an ending that may disappoint some, but most horror fans will be pleased. Make no bones about it, this is an odd little film and some of it isn't well done, but it does have loads of atmosphere.

Cooper's voice is dubbed over, bit it really fits who he is and it works well. Kino makes this Blu-ray look excellent and this film really deserves a bigger audience. It's a good Halloween film.

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