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Monday, October 3, 2016


Finally, another classic 50's monster movie on Blu-ray.

I can finally get rid of the copy I made from VHS as Olive has turned out the definitive version of this wonderful little movie.

The movie starts out with a lighthouse keeper warning a couple of people to stay away from his section of the beach and then you see a scaly clawed hand get some food and that is the set up for the story that unfolds after the credits.

It seems some people are being killed in a small coastal town by having their heads ripped off and a local doctor (Les Tremayne) and sheriff (Forrest Lewis) are trying to find the killer.

The local grocery store owner named Kochek believes it is a monster of local legend that is doing the killings. Frank Arvidson plays this role very well.

The lighthouse keeper (John Harmon) is not well liked in town and his beautiful daughter (Jeanna Carmen) is in love with a young biologist who happens to live in the area as well. Don Sullivan was a perfect choice for the role of a young love interest, at least in my opinion.

Anyway it is finally revealed that a monster in indeed killing off the people of the town. The creature costume is pretty well made and looks rather gruesome. As kids we all saw the pics of him carrying a human head in the pages of Famous Monsters magazine, and that image, while never being in the actual film has stayed with me all these years.

There is a scene where the monster breaks out of a store cooler and is carrying a head but that is about it. This is a fun film and a VERY welcome release from Olive. The picture quality will blow you away as Olive has turned out a flawless print of this film.

One of the top releases of the year so far.

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