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Sunday, October 9, 2016


One of my favorite Spanish horror films finally comes to Blu-ray.

Paul Naschy stars as Count Dracula in this wildly entertaining film. Five people find themselves stranded in the woods after the wheel of the carriage they are riding in falls off and the river is killed. They make their way to an abandoned sanitarium and they discover and are invited in by a mysterious Dr. Marlow. What they don't know is that Marlow is also the legendary Count Dracula.

One by one they fall victim to his evil ways. The first victim is Imre played by Vic Winner. With him out of the way Dracula begins to stalk the very sexy women to find a virgin that will voluntarily become the bride of Dracula.

The women, as in all Spanish productions of this type are a feast for the eyes. Rosanna Yanni is Senta an she falls for the Dr. almost immediately. Ingrid Garbo is Marlene and she is the fist victim of the newly made vampire Imre. Mirta Miller is sexy as hell in the role of Elke and Haydee Politoff is Karen.

Karen finds herself falling in love with Marlow as the other three women who are now vampire stalk the countryside. There are plenty of great images of the three, dressed in gorgeous nightgowns wandering around claiming victims. There is one very interesting scene where they bring a woman back to the castle to be whipped and tortured and then drained of blood so the Count can attempt to bring his long dead daughter back to life.

The ending reminds me of the ending to "Blacula" in that the vampire would rather die than not have the love he wants and needs.

The transfer on this Blu-ray is impeccable and it looks better than ever. The picture and sound are top notch and it was a true joy to see this film as it was meant to be seen. Again, the women are all gorgeous with Rosanna taking the top spot along with Mirta Miller. I would watch ANY movie with those two in it.

This is perfect Halloween viewing and absolutely essential for any horror fan. Another top release of the year thanks to Vinegar Syndrome.

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