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Sunday, January 1, 2017


One of the greatest horror films of all time comes to Blu-ray!

A sorority house is stalked by an insane killer who makes some of the sickest obscene phone calls ever heard in a film.

Olivia Hussey is Jess, a young woman living in the sorority house along with others such as the outspoken and often drunk Barb (Margot Kidder), the meek Phyl (Andrea Martin) and a few others. One by one they are murdered by this very sick man.

Jess contacts the police and soon Lt. Ken Fuller (John Saxon) is on the case. Suspicion falls on Peter (Kier Dullea) who has a very bad temper.

The calls are finally traced and seem to be coming from inside the house. Jess has a final showdown with the killer, or so she thinks, as do the police.

All does not end well and the twist at the end is one that will give you the willies. Director Bob Clark does his usual excellent job in bringing screen terror to life.

The Blu-ray disc from Shout is probably the best I have ever seen this film presented. This is a two disc set and the second disc has tons of extras and interviews with cast and crew. Well worth checking out!

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