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Monday, January 30, 2017


Odd and very obscure little horror/mystery.

This is a Spanish mystery film with touches of horror and the print from Sinister is subtitled.

A young man plays roulette one night in order to get some money to take a woman he likes out to dinner. He has some help from a mysterious stranger who turns out to be the ghost of a man who was murdered.

The ghost is of Don Robinson De Mantua an archaeologist who implores the man to help save his daughter from criminals and help her solve his death, which everyone says was a suicide.

This film is very atmospheric an tends to copy the Universal films which were popular at the time. I like the story a lot an it does hold your interest.

I was thrilled at finally being able to see this film and I wasn't disappointed. The print from Sinister is beautiful and I highly recommend this to and horror fan.

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