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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Disturbing David Friedman production.

Two young men who are bored and looking for kicks in Los Angeles decide to finds some new ways to keep themselves entertained.

They spot a young woman who is new to town named Jane and they even give her a ride to another part of the city at the behest of her landlord.

Soon however they kidnap her and keep her in a basement of a building as their personal sex slave. Jane, played by lovely Mai Jansson is slapped, whipped and generally abused by these two scum bags until one of them realizes that what they are doing is wrong.

Byron Mabe and Jerome Eden are the young men and Mabe gives a very good performance as the leader of the two who thinks women are nothing but objects.

One of the best David Friedman productions I have ever seen. I like the grittiness of the story and it really hits you. Grim, yes, but a must for exploitation lovers.

The print from Sinister is very good.

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