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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


AKA Three Golden Serpents.

This is another in the Kommissar X series with Tony Kendall as Jo Walker and Brad Harris a Tom Rowland.

This time we find them in Thailand fighting a mysterious Madam and her henchmen who run an island where American tourists are kidnapped and taken to be sold into prostitution.

There are plenty of adventures along the way as the two men are attacked by asian assassins, thugs and other assorted types. This is easily the only one of the series that would be rated "R" as there is much nudity.

The print from Sinister is gorgeous and if you're a fan of these films you should be kept entertained. The cast is rounded out by Walter Brandi, Monica Pardo, and Herbert Fux.

I have no reviewed all but one in this series of films, and if I can ever get ahold of the final one, it will be here as well.

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