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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Interesting but somewhat muddled effort.

It's whites against blacks against hispanics in this film starring Mark Damon, Rita Moreno and Dyan Cannon.

Damon is an undercover cop trying to break into a black gang and finds he is slowly falling for a young named Lola (lovely Rita Moreno) in her debut. His partner is trying to stop a drug pusher and the two work together to make this happen, but find a lot more than they bargained for.

The racial tension in this film is touched upon, but never really fully explored. I think director Richard Bare handled everything fine with the production, but what really annoys me is that another director made insert shots that are in the film and makes no sense.

There are many breaks in the story to see people partying and even some nudity. Now while I understand this form of film making I really don't think these inserts did the film any good, as a matter of fact it really brings it down.

If you can get past all the silly inserts it's not a bad film at all.

AKA Black Rebels.

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