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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I waited a long time to finally see this film and it was worth the wait.

Philippine made action film that stars John Ashley as a man who plots to steal one million in cash that a corrupt general is trying to smuggle out of a banana republic.

Ashley's character of Billingsley gets three very sexy women to help him. Mei Ling (Rosanna Ortiz), Jo Turner (Cheri Caffaro) and Lynn Jackson a sexy and very sadistic prison guard (Gloria Hendry).

They try to get the money from Malavasi (Sig Haig) and One Eye (Vic Diaz) who are the smugglers.

There is the usual action and titillation, but there is really no nudity as is expected in these kinds of films. Still, this is a fun outing and the great cast helps sell the film very well.

Caffaro has always been a favorite of mine, but the high point for me was Gloria Hendry. I know some are disappointed in this film because it has no nudity, but you really cannot let that get in the way of a fun story.

The women are lovely and Haig and Diaz are always a treat to watch. This is released from MGM on a made on demand basis and the picture quality is very, very good. The cast is rounded out by Eddie Garcia.

Eddie Romero directed.

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