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Saturday, January 28, 2017


Interesting Japanese film noir.

Rarely seen Japanese crime film that is well told and acted by many faces anyone here would recognize from many Godzilla films.

Makoto Sato is an ex-con trying to make good and start a new life for himself and his new girlfriend. All seems to be going well until a theft and a murder are tied to him.

His girlfriend Masako played by the always sexy Kumi Mizuno disappears and everything seems to be against him. A police inspector thinks the case is too perfect and helps find out what is going on.

Director Jun Fukuda does a very good job with this black and white thriller. It's dubbed into English and is very hard to find which is a shame. I wish more people would actually see these films.

A well told story with a great cast, and anything with the lovely Kumi Mizuno is worth watching. The bonus here is you also get Mia Hama looking as hot as ever. Recommended.

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