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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Pretty good sci-fi film.

Paul Hubschmid stars as John McLaren, as astronaut shot into space in a nuclear rocket. He is forced to eject and the rocket continues into parts unknown.

Soon however a cluster of meteors is heading towards the Earth and if they make contact Earth will be destroyed. The rocket has apparently caused this problem, and noe scientists must figure out how to save the Earth.

This is an unusual sci-fi film for several reasons. First, the astronaut Mclaren looks very ill during his flight yet the point is never touched on and the plot sort of changes from adventure yarn to out and out sci-fi.

Hubschmid also starred in "Beast From 20,000 Fathoms" several years earlier and it's odd hearing him dubbed in this film. The plot and acting are good enough to keep the sci-fi fan entertained.

This film is a PD film and available from many sources, most of which are crappy prints. However, the print from Sinister is a beautiful 35mm transfer. I have never seen this film looking so good.

The cast for this little gem is rounded out by Ivo Garrani and Giacomo Rossi Stuart.

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