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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Fascinating film noir.

Raymond Burr stars as an unhinged man named Harold Loftus who is the product of a very overprotective mother played by Carol Veazie.

While in Lover's Lane on night spying on people making out Harold is spotted by a young man with his sweetheart. The man Owen Clark (Richard Anderson)is knocked out and his date, Liz Taggert (Natalie Wood) is kidnapped by Harold.

A police investigation follows and it is discovered that Liz is the daughter of police Capt. Dan Taggert (Edmond O' Brien) who is himself an overprotective parent.

The police investigate every possible angle and Taggert always gets the info thru his brash and gruff tactics. His boss, Capt. Ed Bates (Brian Donlevy) tries to calm him down and send him home, but Taggerts wants the creep that has taken his daughter.

Natalie Wood does a very good job with the role she has and Burr is always entertaining as a crazy man. The film moves along at a very quick pace and never lets up.

The excellent cast is rounded out by Herb Vigran and Tina Carver in a very interesting role as Mrs. Marie Holzapple.

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