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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


In my opinion, one of the best haunted house movies ever made.

I had never heard of this film before a friend sent it to me on VHS after it ran on a public broadcasting station in Metarie, Louisiana.

A young man accepts a bet that he cannot spend the night in Hanley House without ghosts appearing and scaring him off. He and several other people including the home owner stay the night and gather there in the early afternoon.

As the afternoon turns to night, weird sounds are heard and that is just the beginning of a night of terror. It turns out that the spirit of a man who was decapitated along with his wife will haunt the house until their bodies are laid to rest with their heads.

One of the guests in the house turns out to be the killer of the two now spirits. This is an ultra low budget film shot in black and white. I am not even sure that this film ever received a theatrical release. This was directed by Louise Sherrill who played Edna Masters in the classic film "Blood And Lace".

The IMDB has all the casting wrong as well as the filming locations. This is a shot in Texas film, not California. If you haven't seen this little gem, I highly recommend that you do.

There have been a lot of negative things written about this film, but just ignore those and decide for yourself.

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