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Saturday, January 14, 2017


Very interesting film noir.

Steve Cochran steals the show as the publisher of a scandal magazine that will stop at nothing to increase sales. He targets the new host of a kiddie show for a past descretion.

Van Johnson is Scott Martin, a man with a past, but now having served his time is trying to make it big in show business. Cochran's character, H. R. Manly wants to print a story about Martin's arrest many years ago for robbery, and that will probably destroy his career.

However, Manly tells Martin that he will not publish the story is he will spill the irty beans about another actress Martin grew up with.

This puts Martin in a bad position and almost destroys his marriage to Connie (Ann Blyth). They have a child named Joey who is killed and the tragedy destroys everyone involved.

Manly really doesn't care until he gets his comeuppance at the conclusion. The entire cast is very good in this tight little film directed by Roy Rowland.

This movie is available from Warner Archives and is highly recommended for film noir fans.

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