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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Totally bizarre film.

This film really fits into a bizarre period of American film making that also includes such films as the long sought after "Ghosts That Still Walk" and other such features.

A young man discovers that mysterious radio signals are coming from beneath a lake in a secluded area. He is an electronics expert and believes the signals are coming from a spaceship.

He and several friends try and solve the mystery and that they do, but not in the fashion they were thinking. It turns out that the expert is the one the aliens have been waiting for and he suddenly transforms into an alien and disappears into the lake.

Does this sound weird? Well it is. I have read an awful lot of bad press about this movie and maybe it deserves some, but it is far from the worst and like I said before, it has a very 1974 flavor to it and I tend to like that.

Ok, so shoot me. Reportedly shot for $75,000 and it shows. The one major mistake is that damn boom mike which is visible for over 90 seconds when the expert and his lady friend are talking to an elderly woman about aliens.

If you care to, please check it out and see what you think.

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