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Friday, January 27, 2017


Another of my childhood favorites has died.

The man who played in one of my favorite shows of all time, Mike Conners died yesterday at the age of 91. Conners will always be remembered for "Mannix" a TV private eye show that lasted for 8 years and never once failed to entertain me.

My first introduction to Mike was in such films as "Voodoo Woman" and my all time favorite 50's sci-fi film "Day The World Ended".

Conner appeared in many TV shows and films, but Mannix was a standout for several reasons. One reason is that is was, at the time, a very violent show for TV and secondly it featured the lovely Gail Fissher as his no nonsense helper, Peggy Fair.

Other films Conners starred in include many for AIP and other companies. Some of the titles are "Flesh & The Spur", "Shake Rattle and Rock", and "Suicide Battalion".

A great and versatile actor who will be missed, but has left a great legacy behind. He died of natural causes.

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