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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A rather interesting CBS TV production.

A pilot for and unproduced TV series, this little gem will hold the attention of every 50's sci-fi fan.

John Agar and Harry Towne are two men who run a space station and are testing rockets in space to further man's conquest of space.

During one of the tests the station is struck by a meteor and later a problem with one of the ships might cause a nuclear explosion in space.

Running at 50 minutes, this show really has to cram a lot into that space. Some of the parts are character development and they move a little slow, but that is to be expected as they were trying to set up the later shows.

The cast alone make this fun outing well worth a look. besides Agar and Towne you also have Gail Kobe, Charles Aidman, Whitney Blake, Cecil Kellaway, Jon Lormer, Edward Platt and Robert Cornthwaite.

All in all the print quality is good and it should please fans of the genre.

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