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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Oh my God, what can I say about this film?

A friend had this movie and she convinced me to sit and watch it. I am mind numbed by the experience.

As everyone knows I never tear apart low budget films because I fully understand the art of film making. However, this is a modern film and I don't care for those much, and this is a perfect example of why.

A family moves into the haunted Amityville house and begin experiencing supernatural events. Now, while this sounds like the standard haunted house plot, it is something very different.

First off, this film is one of those damned POV movies and it is presented as a "documentary" being filmed by a child! Believe me, any child I know could have done a better job. The people in the film are all uncredited, which is probably better for them.

Horror films are supposed to have at least one scary scene, and this has none. Instead we are treated to silly camera tricks, constant static and blackout scenes!! These blackout scenes reminded me of an episode of "Gilligan's Island" when the castaways found movie equipment in the lagoon and made a film about their shipwreck!

Sadly, this film will ALWAYS stick with me because of one particular scene in which the father of the household calls a family meeting and acts like he is still a drill sergeant in the military. He starts screaming at his family, suddenly pulls out a gun and points it at absolutely nothing then drops to the floor and starts crawling around, all the time telling his family they are at war!!

This scene had my crying with laughter and once seen can never be forgotten. Absolutely one of the WORST examples of modern film making I have ever seen. Avoid at all costs unless you want a few good laughs.

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