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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Nice little Bela Lugosi flick.

Lugosi is Prof. Brenner, a kindly soup kitchen owner who lives a secret double life. He is also known as Karl Wagner.

Wagner uses the soup kitchen as a front for a criminal gang that is operating with the city. Wagner plans and carries pout several robberies and murders and to keep things quiet, he has those within his own gang killed if he feels they will talk to police at some point.

Wanda McKay is a pretty nurse named Judy Malvern who works with Wagner when he is Brenner. She slowly falls in love with a man named Richard Dennison (John Archer) after he comes from Prof. Brenner's class to investigate the murders.

This is a fun little film that Lugosi is having a lot of fun with, you can tell. Tom Neal is Frankie, a psucho killer who enjoys his work way too much.

This is, of course, available on many labels and the print from Mill Creek was ok. Watch out for the cellar!!

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