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Friday, February 3, 2017


I finally got a chance to see this film and really liked it.

This has been one of the coldest winters where I live and we have had more snow than I have encountered in many years. So on a typical snowy night I viewed this DVD and loved it.

The plot is simple enough. It revolves around a dance contest on a Friday night at a disco where the Commodores are scheduled to appear.

Ultra sexy Donna Summer is Nicole, a young woman who dreams of making it big as a singer, and she gets to belt out her great hit "Last Dance" as well as a few seconds of "Love To Love You Baby".

Her performance is followed by The Commodores and she leave them kind of flat, but they do their usual great job as well. Maybe I say that because Summer will ALWAYS be my disco queen.

Jeff Goldblum is on hand as the owner of the disco and a very young Terri Nunn is Jeannie. Nunn went on to be the sexy lead singer for the group "Berlin" and had several big hits in the 80's.

This film is a great 70's time capsule and it take place in an era I was very happy in. Disco has always been my favorite music and that will remain so, which is why I can't look at this film objectively.

If you like disco or just simply want to see what 8 track tapes looked like then check this out. Oh, and did I say Donna Summer is sexy as hell in this film?

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