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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


My second favorite serial of all time finally gets the Blu-ray treatment.

Sexy Phyllis Coates is Jean Evans aka "Panther Girl" who is working for an international wildlife foundation and is in Africa to photograph the animals.

She and some members of a small tribe discover monsters living in the jungle. The creatures are actually giant craw fish developed by a scientist who is trying to scare Jean and the natives away.

Jean calls in Larry Sanders (Myron Healey) who helps her discover exactly what is going on. The scientist, Dr.Morgan (Arthur Space)has two thugs working for him that are constantly trying to get rid of Jean and Larry. Cass (John Day) and Rand (Mike Ragan) are unforgettable as two low life's who will try anything to help the Dr. Morgan.

The monsters are shown in every chapter and I think that is pretty cool. The effects aren't too bad for a production of this type, and that is because they were handled by the Lydecker brothers.

Phyllis Coates is beautiful, and I do mean beautiful. She has always been one of my favorite actresses and to see her in this makes it even better. Whether she is in her mini skirt outfit or her nice dress with heels, Coates makes a most fetching female on any occasion. She was the original Lois Lane on the TV show Superman and I always liked her the best.

Coates makes this chapter play well worth watching and it looks fabulous on the Blu-ray presentation from Olive. Another top release of the year so far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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