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Monday, February 6, 2017


Interesting movie with a great exploitation title.

Boise, Idaho born Oliver Drake, the man who gave us the immortal "Mummy & Curse Of The Jackals" wrote this weird but very interesting little crime drama.

A young girl is found murdered and this culminates a long string of mysterious disappearances that the police are investigating. H. B. Warner is Capt. McVeigh, suspects a Night Club operator who is also the owner of a School of Fine Arts i s behind the disappearances and murder.

Phillip Van Zandt is excellent as King Peterson, the arrogant gangster who runs the school. After a lot of twists and turns, Peterson is finally brought down by the cops and a newspaper reporter.

A lot of this follows the standard procedure of films like this, but a little more sleaze is thrown or hinted at anyway. Not a bad film and one I would recommend you see at least once.

The cast is rounded out by Gail Storm, John Archer, Astrid Allwyn and Sarah Padden.

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