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Monday, February 27, 2017


A great Republic 12 chapter serial.

Linda Sterling is The Tiger Woman is her serial debut.She does an excellent job and does look quite fetching in her outfit. Sterling gets to do a lot of fighting which is not usually the case for a female in cliffhanger serials.

The Tiger Woman is trying to protect a tribe she rules from greedy oil speculators and their evil henchmen which include Morgan (George J. Lewis) who will stop at nothing to run the tribe off of the land.

The Tiger Woman is helped by Allen Saunders (Allen Lane) who works for an oil company. the two constantly face danger in 12 thrilling chapters that never disappoint in delivering the goods.

The fast paced adventure was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennett and Wallace Grissell. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Duncan Renaldo, LeRoy Mason, Kenne Duncan, Tom Steele, Eddie Parker and Ken Terrell.

The presentation from Roan is very good and the sound will knock your socks off. If you like movie serials, then I highly recommend this little effort.

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