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Friday, February 24, 2017


This nifty little gem is also known as CODE OF SCOTLAND YARD.

Oskar Homolka steals the show as Desius, a former Devil's Island inmate who has two loves in life, a love for antiques and his beautiful daughter.

He will do anything for his daughter who is on her way to becoming a top violinist. Meanwhile Desius is being blackmailed by a former employee in his shop named Archie Fellows (Kenneth Griffith).

Fellows is a lazy, good for nothing sloth who sponges money out of Desius often. When Fellows goes too far in his blackmailing Desius has him killed and then soon finds his old friend at Scotland Yard investigating the crime.

Desius plays it real calm and collected, but he is aware that time is running out. He is trying to hide all this from his daughter who has a huge London concert hall performance coming up.

In fine film noir fashion this movie has a tragic end for Desius and a bittersweet one for his daughter Margaret (Muriel Pavlow).

This is a very well made thriller that keeps your attention to the very end, and as I said at the beginning, Homolka steals the show. A great example of film noir.

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