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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Neat little drama with Peggy Shannon.

This film is on the Blu-ray disc with "DELUGE" also starring Shannon.

In this little outing Peggy is a reporter on a paper who is fired from her job and then seeks employment on a small town California paper.

She encounters a few problems such as people not understanding a woman wanting to run a paper and advertisers who have the same feelings.

Finally, as she starts to get everything under control and the paper starts to grow people become more accepting. She uncovers another dark conspiracy concerning two prominent businessmen and once again everything is at stake.

This is not too bad of a time waster, and I found myself enjoying the story a hell of a lot. Give this little movie a try and I am sure you'll enjoy it like I did.

The Blu-ray presentation is beautiful from KIno.

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