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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


One of the best westerns I have seen in a long time.

Philip Carey is Frank Slayton who hijacks a stagecoach and in the process manages to kidnap a young woman named Jennifer Ballard (Donna Reed). Slayton leaves her fiancee Ben Warren (Rock Hudson) for dead as he and his gang take off.

Slayton hates everyone and the members of his gang are reluctant to have a woman along, but Slayton has other ideas. Tom Burgess (Leo Gordon) is so against the idea that he and Slayton split up and Burgess is left for dead as the gang again takes off on the run.

Ben turns up alive and is in hot pursuit of the kidnappers. The only one he can find to help him is the near dead Burgess whom he helps get better and then both men are driven to kill Slayton.

The action in this film never lets up, but it is the excellent acting ability that carries the film. Hudson is great as Warren, a man who doesn't like to use guns, but ends up using them for just abut everything.

Top acting kudos goes to Phil Carey as Slayton. Carey imbues real hatred into the role and you almost get the idea he is like this is real life. Donna Reed is very good as the woman who must always fight off Slayton's unwanted advances.

The rest of the cast for this top notch film includes Neville Brand, Lee Marvin, Roberta Haynes, and Forrest Lewis. This is a highly recommended film for any western fan!!

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