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Friday, February 17, 2017


The classic 50's sci-fi gem finally comes to Blu-ray.

Richard Carlson stars as John Putnam, an astronomer who lives in the desert just outside a small town. One night at his home with his beautiful girl friend Ellen Fields (Barbara Rush) they witness a huge meteor crashing in the desert.

Thus begins this great tale about aliens accidentally crashing here on Earth and wanting to leave as soon as possible. Putnam wants to make contact with the aliens, and does. The sheriff Matt Warren (Charles Drake) is both hostile towards Putnam and the invaders, whom he has never met but will never understand anyway.

In order to get the repairs on their ship done quicker the aliens adopt the identities of several townspeople. Putnam fights to keep the sheriff and angry townspeople away while the aliens repair their ship.

This is an all time classic sci-fi film that I first saw as a child of 10 and it has always remained a favorite. Jack Arnold directed this gem and Ray Bradbury wrote the story. With that combo you just cannot lose.

The Blu-ray has the film looking fantastic an it includes the original 3-D version as well as the 2-D version. I am unable to view the 3-D version, but the other one is better looking than I have ever seen it before.

The rest of the cast for this classic includes Joe Sawyer, Russell Johnson and sexy Kathleen Hughes.

I can't see any 50's sci-fi fan not having this blu-ray in their collection. One of the best films of it's kind and one of the top releases of the year!

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