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Thursday, February 9, 2017


Wonderful Jess Franco film that has offended every friend I have ever had watch it.

Yep, my friends are wussies. I love this film and was VERY pleased to see Full Moon release a very good print of this film. They even used the banned movie poster image for their cover art!

Beautiful Susan Hemingway stars as Maria, a young girl who is frolicking with her boyfriend in the forest when they suddenly come upon Father Vicente (William Berger) who promptly tells the two young people to stop as they are sinning.

Maria is taken to her mother's home where her mom is prompted by Vicente to let him take her to the Monastery for her sins. The mother consents without question and before you know it, Maria is shut away to pay for her sins.

She is resistant to her new home and both Vicente and Mother Alma (Ana Zanatti). Maria is forced to wear a body of thorns for three days and when that doesn't make her change other methods are used.

It soon becomes obvious to Maria that this so called "holy house" is runs by Satanists. Maria is forced to give oral sex to Vicente, raped by the Devil (Herbert Fux) and much more, but she stands firm in her defiance.

Maria is then turned over to the Inquisition where she is tortured until she recants her statements about both Vicente and Alma. Then they condemn her to a death of burning at the stake.

However, things don't go quite as the two Satanists had planned. This is one of Franco's most beautifully shot films and the print from Full Moon really brings it out.

There has been a lot written about this film in regards to it's beautiful star Susan Hemingway being only 16 when this was filmed. Yes, there are disturbing images of her being tortured on the rack and such, but I really think people make too much of this.

She does a great job in this film and it was her debut. She only made seven more films and then disappeared from films forever. That is a loss to film fans.

Anyway, I Highly Recommend this film to ANY Franco fan and so far this is one of the top releases of 2017.

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