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Monday, September 23, 2013


We revisit a timeless classic!!

Jason Evers plays a scientist whose lover is in his car when he has an accident and she is decapitated. He saves her head and keeps it alive in a basement while he then searches for the perfect body to put the head on.

In his country home the doc also has a huge monster in the closet that is a collection of his first mistakes while practicing skin grafting experiments and limb transplants. Virginia Leith hated this film so much that she refused to return for some post dubbing so they got another woman to dub the voice and it doesn't sound like her at all.

The film is a classic and anyone reading this probably already knows that. Love it or hate it, you gotta admit it's bizarre and one of the most bloody films of the period. This has been released in a beautiful version from Shout/Timeless and it really never looked better, and it is completely uncut. The disc also includes a clip of the figure model scene in the film, but this time she is nude. This scene was done for international markets. There is no sound for the 80 second clip, but it is very interesting to see it.

There is a very long story why this wasn't simply inserted into the film and released on DVD. One of which I won't go into. All in all a real pleasure to see it all. Also included on the disc are "Amazing Transparent Man", "Reptilicus" and "Neanderthal Man".

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