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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Damn good western with a message.

Rory Calhoun is a sheriff who sympathizes with the Indians who are being forced off of their land by the Government. Lloyd Bridges is a Calvary Captain who is a coward and a liar as well as being very hot for the gold on the Indian land.

it was strange seeing Gloria Grahame in this film, but she does a good job with her role as a woman who loves Calhoun although his heart belongs to a pretty Indian woman named "Pretty Willow". The movie is more sympathetic to the Indians and their plight which makes it more interesting from that perspective.

After several murders and double crosses Calhoun manages to keep the bloodthirsty townsfolk in check as well as the Indians. The death of Calhouns' nephew is a shocker as you really never saw many children killed in fllms and the ending has the Indians leaving with a government escort and it's kind of a downer.

If you like westerns you will enjoy this and everyone in the cast is very good. The rest of the cast includes Joanne Gilbert as "Pretty Willow", rank DeKova, Vince Edwards and Cyril Delevanti. Shout has included this on the set entitled Movies 4 You: Western Classics along with "Gun Belt", "Lone Gun" and "Gunsight Ridge".

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