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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Harmless fluff.

Strange comedy film about a dictator named El Maximo Toro, played by Robert Lowery who pretends to kidnap his sexy blonde lover who is the daughter of a millionaire played by Marvin Miller. This is to help him become the leader of a small republic named "Hondo Rico" which produces sugar.

Bizarre to say the least, this film really isn't the slapstick kind of funny, but it is mild fluff and good maybe for a rainy afternoon, which is when I decided to watch it. The credits say Technicolor, but the print I saw was black and white, but that makes no difference.

Jackie Coogan, Tommy Cook and James Ellison round out the cast. Not the best film, but not the worst either. If you're bored with nothing else to watch you might give it a try.

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