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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Good western with a great cast.

George Montgomery stars as Cruze, and man who is appointed sheriff of a small town after standing up to the Moran brothers. The brothers kill a rancher while framing another man and they kill the jailer so the Sheriff seeks a posse to find them and bring them back for justice, only nobody wants to go so Cruze sets off to face them by himself.

the plot is very simplistic, but the film itself is very well done and the cast is top notch. Dorothy Malone is Charlotte owning, the woman who falls in love with Cruze. Douglas Kennedy and Neville Brand are two of the Moran brothers and are perfect in their roles. Kennedy was always a favorite of mine.

If you like westerns you'll love this film. Well acted, well directed by Ray Nazzaro and beautiful color phtotgraphy. Shout Factory released this on the Movies 4 You: western Classics along with "Ride Out For Revenge", "Gunsight Ridge" and "Gun Belt". Recommended!

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