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Friday, September 27, 2013


An all time classic!

David Carradine stars as "Frankenstein" the world best race car driver who is in the Transcontinental Road Race in which drivers pick up points by running over people.

Sylvester Stallone is "Machine Gun Joe Viterbo" the funniest character in the film and he does an excellent job. Some of the kills are gruesome but very quickly done so as to not gross out the viewer. Each driver has a co-pilot that takes care of their every need and Carradine had gorgeous Simone Griffith who is actually working for an underground organization that is planning on overthrowing the corrupt US Government and stopping the road race for good.

The rest of the cast includes Mary Woronov as "Calamity Jane", Martin Kove as "Nero The Hero Lonigan", Roberta Collins as "Matilda The Hun", Joyce Jameson as "Grace Pander" and "The Real" Don Steel as "Junior Bruce" and he is simply the greatest announcer in this film. I remember him from the 70's and radio in southern California. Look quickly for Leslie McCrea, John Landis, and Fred Grandy.

This is a very fun and entertaining film that never stop thrilling you or making you laugh.

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