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Monday, September 30, 2013


One hell of a movie.

Leon Isaac is a man who, along with his two friends are just out of Vietnam and headed home. They plan to steal a lot of gold first however. After the theft his two friends stab him and throw him overboard their boat and they think they have killed him.

He washes ashore on an island inhabited by two Japanese soldiers who are left from WW2 an they nurse him to health and teach him to use a sword like a samurai. Upon his return to civilization he finds his wife has been beaten and abused by his former friends and he soon begins to take very bloody revenge on all the gangsters of Los Angeles.

the incredibly sexy Jayne Kennedy is his wife. Jayne was always a very hot and sexy woman and she shows it in this film without even trying. No wonder I watched the CBS pre game football show on Sundays back in the late 70's and early 80's. She does her usual good job of acting here.

There are decapitations and other very bloody deaths and this Philippine made action film moves right along thanks to the very capable direction of Cirio Santiago, the undisputed King of Philippine action and horror films. The ending is quite a surprise and not one that I liked very well, but hey, that is how films are supposed to be.

If you like these kinds of films you'll love this. Vinegar Syndrome does a good job of bringing a very good print to DVD and action fans should be pleased. It is on a double feature with another Santiago film entitled "Vampire Hookers" which will be reviewed here shortly. Highly Recommended!!

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