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Friday, September 27, 2013


Now this is what a wrestling set should be.

This is a long awaited set finally released by WWE which features some great matches from the 80's from a company i grew up watching...Mid-South Wrestling.

This is NOT "Sports Entertainment" as the idiots call it today. This was back in the days of compelling story telling, great angles, and top notch talent. Bill Watts ran the organization and knew how to cultivate talent. Included in this set are some classic matches including a Ghetto Street Fight between "Junk Yard Dog" and "Hacksaw" Butch Reed, Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling 2 vs. The Midnight Express, The Snowman vs. Jake Roberts and much more. Over 20 matches are included.

This cover the years 1981 thru 1987 and shows how this company rose to greatness. If you are a wrestling fan the memories will come flooding back and it is nice to see WWE release such a set. I can only hope they do more of the Mid-South wrestling very soon.

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