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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Fun Saturday afternoon monster film.

A hunter claims to have seen a tiger with tusks running loose in the mountains and nobody will believe him. Soon a state University zoologist arrives to investigate and he uncovers much more than he ever thought.

It seems a scientist, Clifford Groves, has created a serum that can actually transform man back into his primordial state and he has created a living Saber-tooth Tiger and can turn himself into an ape-like man. The zoologist is played by Richard Crane and Groves is played by Robert Shayne. Both are good in their roles, especially Shayne who after he has been laughed at by his colleagues seems to become completely unhinged.

The very lovely Joyce Terry, whom I have very little information on plays Shayne's daughter and the seriously underrated Tandra Quinn plays the housekeeper whom Shayne has experimented on in the past. This was Quinn's last film an that is a shame as she was a very beautiful woman. Look quickly for Beverly garland in a small role as a waitress at a cafe who is attacked by the crazed ape man.

It's great to see this finally show up on DVD and it looks very goo from Shout/Timeless. This is included on the set Movies 4 You: More Sci-Fi Classics which also includes "Amazing Transparent Man", "Reptilicus" and "Brain That Wouldn't Die". Highly Recommended!!

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