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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


A amusing and very well made film.

In the year 2024, after WW4, a young man and his dog walk the land searching for food and women. The young man named Vic, played by Don Johnson communicates with his dog named Blood telepathically, and their dialogue is priceless.

Vic meets a woman named Susanne and she seduces him and takes him to a weird underground world where the people all wear clown make-up! They cannot reproduce since they have lived underground for so long, and they want to drain Vic of his sperm and then be rid of him.

The underground world is lead by a man called Lou, played by Jason Robards. Finally Vic escapes with Susanne, reunites with Blood..and they..well see it for yourself. The ending is very good and always leaves me smiling rather sardonically.

Based on the Novella by Harlen Ellison, this film was produced by the team of L.Q. Jones and Alvy Moore who actually made some of the best movies of this kind during this time period. Shout Factory has put this wonderful film on Blu-Ray and it looks the best it will ever look.

The rest of the cast includes Alvy Moore, Helene Winston, Charles McGraw and Tim McIntire as the voice of Blood. Blood the dog is actually Tiger from The Brady Bunch.

This is a film you will want to add to your collection.

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