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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A well done made for TV western.

Lovely Joanna Pettet stars in this film about a woman and her family that travel west to Wyoming to start a new life. The husband, played by William Shatner dies in an accident and the woman is left alone to raise their two children and tend to the land.

There are a lot of trials and tribulations and finally she decides to harvest the wheat and then use that money to go back to Illinois. One of the children is played by a very young Helen Hunt. The "pioneer woman" whose name is Maggie Sargeant is convinced to stay by both her children and a rancher named Robert Douglas, played by David Janssen.

Not a bad film and it comes from a much more innocent time. Shatner does well with his role as does Pettet ans the rest of the cast under the direction of Buzz Kulik. If you like westerns I would recommend this film. It is included in the Movies 4 You: Western Film Collection which also includes "The Gunslinger", "man Of The East" and "Yuma".

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