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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well....where to begin?

Every once in a while I get to see a film that is hard to actually put into any category. This is one of them.

A young woman has a fight with her mother over a boyfriend and is thrown out of the house. She hitches a ride with a man who proceeds to knock her unconscious and brings her to his out of the way place and proceeds to chain her up in his garage.

Over the next few days he tortures her and seems to be enjoying himself until she manages to escape and the movie ends. Ok...that is the plot and the movie, actually this is a short as it only runs about 39 minutes.

The technical aspects of the film could be much sharper and sometimes the scenes are a little out of focus, but I am not going to carp over that. I know exactly what these people go thru to make these ultra low budget films. The star of the film is a young woman who calls herself Cali Danger. She is one of the most attractive women I have ever laid eyes on! Long, lovely red hair and absolutely no tattoos whatsoever.

Cali is also a female wrestler in the Ring Divas Company and she is aspiring to be an actress and she is doing everything she can to make that ream a reality, and I for one am hoping that happens for her. Her performance as the young woman is good for what it consists of. This actually reminded me of some of the Dave Friedman movies I have seen and some of the short loops they used to make.

Cali spends almost the entire movie chained up and being tortured and she never gets nude once. I understand she has a stipulation in her contracts that prohibits that. Do I care? Nope. Ring Divas is an interesting company and I wish them all the success in the world. Again, the film needs some technical improvements, and those will come in time, and as long as Cali Danger makes films I will watch, no matter what. She is really someone to keep an eye out for.

The movie is something I would recommend for those who want something different and it can be ordered from the website.

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