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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Interesting gem from Olive.

Sexy Ami Dolenz stars as Paige Benedict, a young artist who moves into an apartment and find an old Ouija Board there. After settling in she begins to use the board and contacts what she believes to be the spirit of a murdered woman. Every time she uses the board someone dies a very violent death.

Laraine Newman is her ditzy landlord who dies a very horrible death and soon Paige finds herself looking for a murdered woman and her killer.

This is a fun film and director Kevin Tenny never looses the viewers interest. All of the actors do very well and the standout again being Ami Dolenz. That is probably a prejudiced statement from me, but what the hell. She is sexy, talented and sadly under used in movies.

The blu-ray release is spectacular and I have to thank Olive for turning this out. It seems like an odd choice for them, but they are to be commended. I recommend this for any horror fan, and once seen it is not easily forgotten.

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