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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


One of the greatest exploitation films ever.

Tamara Dobson stars as Cleopatra Jones, a Government agent who is out to stop drug trafficking. After she burns a poppy field in Turkey she is hunted and set up for death by a drug lord named "Mommy" played to the absolute hilt by Shelley Winters.

Tamara is cool and calculating and knows how to handle herself very well and Dobson plays her real low key while Winters plays her character as a very loud and boisterous villain, and it works well together.

The character of Cleo Jones isn't anti-establishment but rather pro American. There have been many strong black women in films from this time period such as Foxy Brown and Coffy, yet they get no recognition when it comes to positive female or positive black characters in films.

This is a very fun film, full of action and very colorful characters. The rest of the cast includes Antonio Fargas, Bernie Casey and the underrated Brenda Sykes. A great film and one I highly recommend for any film fan.

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