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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Bizarre and well made film.

This film takes place 900 years after a nuclear war has wiped out the world. The stone age has returned and women rule in Amazon Tribes. Two men who are smart enough to escape start their own tribe and find themselves at war with the Amazons while all they really want to do is teach the women to love again.

The dialogue is something unique that I have really never heard in films before. There are different words for things we take for granted in speech and it makes for a very strange listening experience. I cannot describe have to hear it to know what I am saying.

Laurene Landon stars as Vena, the leader of the Amazon tribe while Chuck Wagner and William Wallace are the two men who form their own tribe. There is plenty of comedy involved in this film and it actually works. it's very dry, but it's there. This film is very watchable and if you like slightly off the wall films you'll love this. And any film with a character called Aargh The Awful is well worth checking out. Shout has turned this out on the set entitled 4 Sci-Fi Movie Marathon which also includes "Arena", "Eliminators" and "The Time Guardian".

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